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Why Are Masons of Dallas Walking For Crohn's and Colitis?

Brother J.P. Shanks penned the post below about his friend Chris Ellis. The Masons of Dallas are walking and raising money in memory of Chris:

It’s hard to put into words my gratitude to my brothers of Tannehill Masonic Lodge, how grateful and humbled I am that we will be walking together this Sunday for my friend Chris Ellis. You are all good men and I am proud to call you all Brothers. Let me tell you about who we walk for. Chris was, how do I say this, a great human being. Liked and loved by all who met him. When I was living in Los Angeles my wife worked at the Hard Rock Café. Since I was a poor actor I had a lot of time on my hands so I would go up there and hang out. I got to meet a lot of great people who worked there. Most of them I am still friends with today. Chris was one of those people. We hit it off immediately. We were both actors and musicians and had loads to talk about. He would come over to our apartment or I would go over to his house and just jam. He would play guitar and I would sing. He could do both of course because he was that talented. Up until this point in my life I had met a lot of talented actors and musicians but few that could pull it all off flawlessly. He even wrote a musical that I got to be a part of. Those were magical days for me. I don’t remember the exact year he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease but I remember him being shaken by it. My wife would tell me about him having to go in for treatments and how it affected him. He would be so devastated by the treatments that he could hardly move. My wife would always feed him when he came back from those. At Thanksgiving he always wanted to come over because he knew we were alone and not with our families. He started calling it Shanksgiving well because my last name is Shanks. Shanksgiving grew into an event for all the Hard Rockers. I would like to say because of my cooking, but it was because of Chris. He was the one who would get everyone excited about it every year. I still look upon my days in Los Angeles at Thanksgiving with fondness. And my wife and I still call it Shanksgiving to this day. I was in disbelief when the news came on January 1, 2011 that my friend had passed in his sleep. We were devastated, and so was everyone who called him family and friend. His spirit lives on in all of us. So you may have never met him Brothers, but you know me, and I will forever call him my Brother.

Join the Masons of Dallas on Sunday May 5, 2019 to walk for a cure for Crohn's and Colitis. The walk will be held at the Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center at the Frisco Star.

Check in starts at 2:00 pm

Walk starts at 3:00 pm

Join our Team and walk with us, or make a donation to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.

Every Little Bit Helps!


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