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Dr. Samuel B. Pryor - Freemason and First Mayor of Dallas

Dr. Samuel B. Pryor | Masons of Dallas

2018 marks the 170th year since Tannehill Masonic Lodge was established in what is now Dallas, Texas. As we continue our series highlighting the Masonic and civic pioneers of this great City, we turn the spotlight to Brother Samuel B. Pryor

Brother Pryor moved to Dallas in 1846. Known by the town as "Old Doc Pryor" he was elected as the first Mayor of Dallas, Texas when Dallas decided to incorporate as a city in 1856. After serving as Mayor for 2 years, Brother Pryor retired to practice medicine. Until 1859 when he was again called upon to serve the city. Brother Pryor was elected as one of five alderman, where he served until 1862.

Brother Pryor was initiated in Tannehill Lodge No. 52 on July 28th 1849, Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on September 10, 1849, and raised on June 2, 1851. He was the fourth Brother Raised in Tannehill Lodge. Brother Pryor served in many positions within the lodge including Worshipful Master in 1859, and again in 1863. He was active in the lodge until his passing on October 16, 1866. Brother Pryor is buried in the Tannehill Masonic Lodge Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery) in Downtown Dallas.

Pryor Street in Deep Ellum is named in his honor.

Samuel B. Pryor Grave | Masons of Dallas

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