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169 Years of Freemasonry In Dallas

"Be it remembered that whereas heretofore towit on the eleventh day of December in the year of Christ One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Eight and Anno Lucis 5848, a dispensation was granted by the Grand Lodge of the State of Texas authorizing and empowering John M. Crockett, Master, Wm. O'Gwin, Senior Warden, and Nat M. Burford, Junior Warden, to open a lodge, Initiate, Pass and Raise Free Masons in the Town of Dallas under the name of, and style of Tannehill Lodge No. 52."

On December 11, 1848, eight years before the Texas Legislature granted Dallas a town charter, Tannehill Masonic Lodge was founded. Six Master Masons officially brought Freemasonry to the growing town.

John M. Crockett

1st - 2nd Master of Tannehill Lodge Operating under Warrant

2nd, 5th, 8th Mayor of Dallas, Texas

John M. Crockett

William O'Gwin

Nat. M. Burford

Charter Master of Tannehill Lodge

Dallas District Attorney 1850-1852

Nat M. Burford

Perry Dakin

Samuel G. Newton

John C. McCoy

Charter Secretary of Tannehill Lodge

Founder of the Dallas Bar Association

John C. McCoy

169 years later, the organization these fine men brought to Dallas has grown into a Fraternity that includes 42 Masonic Lodges in Dallas County. Tannehill Masonic Lodge continues to make good men Masons who can better serve our city. Thank you to the Pioneers of Dallas and Happy Birthday to Tannehill Masonic Lodge No. 52 A.F. & A.M.

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