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History of Tannehill Masonic Lodge No. 52 A.F. & A.M.

"The Mother Lodge of Dallas"

In 1847, six Master Masons petitioned the Grand Lodge of Texas for a Charter. In January the next year, the first Dispensation (Warrant) to form a lodge was granted, but was not exercised that year.


In 1849, the first meeting of Tannehill Lodge was held under the Warrant.  Presiding were the original six Master Masons who formed the Lodge:  John M. Crockett, WM, William O’Gwinn, SW., Nat Burford, JW., Perry Dakin, Treasurer, John McCoy, Secretary, and Samuel G. Newton, Tiler.  Since that meeting, no other Lodge in Texas has ever operated under a Warrant.


From 1850 to1853, the Lodge occupied the second Floor of the A&M building at Main & Jefferson.  In 1853, Tannehill moved into its first permanent home in a two story building at the southeast corner of Carondelet and Houston Streets. The Lodge met on the second floor; the first floor was used for church services and, during the week, for the first school in Dallas.


Beginning in 1870, the Lodge rented the second floor of the Cochran & Walters Bldg. on the northeast corner of Main and Jefferson for two years, then moved to the John Tennison Bldg. on the south side of the Courthouse Square.


In 1881, the Lodge rented the third floor of the Kain & Campbell Bldg. on the northeast corner of Main and Murphy Streets.  A temporary move of five months due to a fire was made to the northwest corner of Akard and Pacific because of a serious fire at the Kain & Campbell Bldg.  (At the peril of losing his life, brother William Folsetter charged into the burning building and rescued all of Tannehill Lodge’s records.)


From 1914-1919, the Lodge resided at the new Masonic Temple at Main and Pearl Streets, owned jointly by Tannehill and Dallas Lodges.


On October 13, 1941, Tannehill moved into new Masonic Temple Bldg. at Harwood, Young, and Canton Streets.  This building is owned by the Masonic Temple Corporation which was established in 1920 by a number of Dallas Masons for the purpose of raising funds for a new Masonic Temple.  Tannehill Lodge 52, Dallas Lodge 760, and by other Masonic bodies occupying the new Temple are the shareholders in the Corporation.  Tannehill temporarily moved to Edwin J. Kiest Lodge while its lodge room was undergoing repairs, but remained as an occupant until its last meeting in June, 2013.  Tannehill Lodge at that time moved to the Scottish Rite Cathedral where it now meets.

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